Britt Chang (toloveandback)
"I think it’s better if we encourage our great creative minds to live."

Thomas Seo - Opening Act

Hey all! I'm back with the photos that I promise a few days ago. This is Thomas Seo, a high school student and beatboxer who opened…

David Choi @ Uni High School (photoset)

Hey all! This past weekend I attended David Choi's concert at University High School. My friend allowed me to take photos around the venue so here…

Summerlands Music Festival (Photoset)

Hey all! This past Friday, I attended the Summerlands Music Festival hosted by University of California, Irvine. I didn't get to bring my camera because I…

Elements (photoset).

Hey all! Here are some photos from a convention that I attended. These are only a few of the photos as I shot them more conceptually…

Elephant Seals [Photoset]

Hey all!!! While I was in Northern California, my family and I went to go see elephant seals, and I snapped some photos (of course). Here…

The Unearthing - Backyard Construction [Photoset]

Hey all! Lately, out backyard has been under construction and on a cloudy day, it looked pretty spooky. I was really digging the natural, even…

Foster the People - Supermodel Mural [Photoset]

Hey all! I'm sorry I'm always active and unactive on here. School has been a bit heavy lately. Anyways, for my birthday, I went up to…

Hsi Lai Temple: Round 2 [Photoset]

nbsp;Hey all. So it's fam tradition for my my family and I to go to a Buudhist temple every year since our family is mostly Buddhist…

Suicide Hill [Photoset]

nbsp;Hey all! I took these photos at a place called "Suicide Hill". We went around sunset/night-time because one of my closest friends is moving away, and…

Fisheye'd Formal: Winter Formal 2014

nbsp;Hey all! So lately, I haven't been able to go out and shoot a lot of photos worthy of posting on here, so I decided to…
Beanie, Curl, Sweater.pic

Buzziversary, Apologies, and Hikes (photoblog)

So...Buzznet....Long time no talk? I'm just going to bullet point off everything I want to discuss so it doesn't look like a jumbly mess of…
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About Me:

Well I mean yeah, I like food.

Instagram: breeetany
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art, editing, music, photography

Favorite Music:

The Love-Hate Affair, The Neighbourhood, Jack Johnson, A$AP Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Dumbfoundead, Kina Grannis, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Blue Scholars, Shad, SOL

Favorite Movies:

Alice in Wonderland, Beetlejuice, Coraline, Finding Nemo, Inception, Limitless, Napoleon Dynamite, Source Code

Favorite TV Shows:

Pretty Little Liars, NCIS

Favorite Books:

The Da Vinci Code

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