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"I think it’s better if we encourage our great creative minds to live."



SOTD: Under Pressure by Logic   Taken in Seattle.

Butterflies (photoset)

Hey all! Two posts two days in a row. Wow I am on a roll!  Here are some photos taken during my visit to Seattle, Washington.   Follow me: Twitter…

Coffee Tomo (Photoblog)

Hey all! As some of you guys who follow me on Twitter/Instagram may know, I am in LOVE with coffee! I started drinking it a lot…

Golden Suicide Hill / Catharsis (Photoset)

Hey all! TWO POSTS TWO DAYS IN A ROW WOW this hasn't happened in a while. I feel like I say this every post but I really…

Olympic National Park (Photoblog)

nbsp;Hey all!  Here's more Washington photos. These are from Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. It was one of the only sunny days during our trip.    Follow…

Satirizing Tourists [Photoblog]

My school year is officially in swing, but I still have photos from my Seattle trip to upload.   I sort of consider this series more satirical…

Reflective Lake

So um...I think I'm a really lousy photoblogger now. HELLO GOOD FRIENDS OF BUZZNET! I have arisen from the dead. I am back. I HAVE MORE…
into the wildpic

into the wild

SOTD: into the wild // Lewis Watson
we're made of glass, we'd never lastpic

we're made of glass, we'd never last

SOTD: Tumblr Girls (Christoph Andersson remix) by G-Eazy   I have my ACT exam on Saturday, start one out of my three summer school courses next week, and…

Thomas Seo - Opening Act

Hey all! I'm back with the photos that I promise a few days ago. This is Thomas Seo, a high school student and beatboxer who opened…

David Choi @ Uni High School (photoset)

Hey all! This past weekend I attended David Choi's concert at University High School. My friend allowed me to take photos around the venue so here…

Summerlands Music Festival (Photoset)

Hey all! This past Friday, I attended the Summerlands Music Festival hosted by University of California, Irvine. I didn't get to bring my camera because I…


I had an oddly horrific day today and posting this is keeping my mind off of it so I'm just trying to consume myself with…
Love me betterpic

Love me better

SOTD: II. Shadows by Childish Gambino     Taken in Northern California. A bit of a late post, as usual. HAhahahahajsdhajsdgfalksjdf.
Inner peacepic

Inner peace

I would put my SOTD as Attica '71 but I already have...for the past like three posts...because I'm addicted to the song...   I've been finding myself…

Elements (photoset).

Hey all! Here are some photos from a convention that I attended. These are only a few of the photos as I shot them more conceptually…
I Felt Love in the Strangest Ways.pic

I Felt Love in the Strangest Ways.

SOTD: Attica '71 by Olivver (Again. I know. I'm sorry. I'm hooked!)   Took this on the most spontaneous shoot ever. I'll post the rest of these…
It was all yellow.pic

It was all yellow.

SOTD: Yellow (originally by Coldplay) covered by Shane Guerrette.   I really like Guerrette's version of the song. It's so relaxing.
My Head's been Filled with Doubtpic

My Head's been Filled with Doubt

SOTD: Attica '71 by Olivver.   Olivver is the ex-drummist of my favorite band, The Neighbourhood. He left the band to pursue his own musical career and…
In the Light of the Sunpic

In the Light of the Sun

Listening to Boston by Augustana after not listening to the song for years.    Taken in Northern California (Cannery Row).

Elephant Seals [Photoset]

Hey all!!! While I was in Northern California, my family and I went to go see elephant seals, and I snapped some photos (of course). Here…
Paradisiacal Birdspic

Paradisiacal Birds

SOTD: First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes  (only because it was playing when I was typing this out haha!)     Taken in San Diego during a…
Golden Paradise.pic

Golden Paradise.

So I went to Crescent Bay Point Park the other day and shot some photos. We made it right in time for sunset and golden…


The other day I decided to re-edit and re-post some old photos so here's one of them!


Hey all!   I originally shot this photo for Chapman's Holocaust Art & Writing Contest Competition. I won school but didn't place at the actual Chapman Competition…


Does anyone know if this is a sundog or not? 

The Unearthing - Backyard Construction [Photoset]

Hey all! Lately, out backyard has been under construction and on a cloudy day, it looked pretty spooky. I was really digging the natural, even…
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